Sunday, April 29, 2012


Everything that I have learned can be traced back to my mother. She has been at my side since day 1, or even before then. Whenever I need help, or just need somebody to talk to, she is always there for me. Whatever projects I sign myself up for, she is there to support and help me reach the final goal. She attended all of my swim meets throughout my swim career. She was at every dance recital behind the scenes to make sure I was ready to perform. She was with me every step of the way when I was getting my Associates Degree in high school.  She is now watching me take every step to achieve my dreams of being in the Marriott School. As I have grown older I do more and more by myself, but she is always a phone call away. When I am feeling discouraged or upset she will always tell me how the situation really is. She helps me see a better side to the situation.  I love my mom, and she has been an inspiring person in my life since the beginning.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


The most amazing people in the world!! (From left: Khrystalle, Talan, Ryan, Kristen, Me, David, Ryan, Isaac Front: Gavin, Mitchell)
Finals week at BYU was very VERY difficult for me. The past year was my first year at BYU, and I am in the process of applying to BYU’s Business School. The Marriott School is extremely competitive. Like everybody else, I was very stressed out and worried about a lot of things. My friends were my saving grace during this final week of winter semester. They helped me stay calm and reminded me to have faith. I received messages of encouragement and love. My best friend gave me a blessing. Food was brought over to me in the library. Prayers were said for me. When I was crying about being nervous, they comforted me. Without my amazing friends I don't know how else I would have accomplished everything. All of my friends inspired me to do my best, and to keep my head high because everything would be okay. God puts people in our paths to learn from and to appreciate. I love each and every one of them for helping me reach my full potential.


Throughout my life there have been many people who have inspired me. They have changed my life for forever and will always be apart of me. The world might not even know who they are, but I sure do.