Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy People

There are many time in life when things don’t go how we planned. The best thing that we can do for ourselves is to just be happy. It’s also very important to surround ourselves with happy people. There are so many people that are in my life that are happy all the time and I want to give them a big THANK YOU! Their happiness in contagious and it’s all I can do to not be happy around them. I believe that the happier that I am the more successful I will be. I believe this because I think when we focus on the positive; the negative isn’t going to bring us down. I know that there have been several times in my life when something unhappy happened but when I looked for something positive, I found it! I was able to look at that happiness and be a happy person! Smile! Be Happy! 

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spring Professors

This term is coming to an end. I have had a lot of personal things happen to me over the past couple months that made it hard for me to go to school. It was really hard, but I hope that I come out on top. I have loved all of my professors that I have had and I appreciate all of the help that they gave me. They have really worked with me   and helped me grow. I appreciate them working with my special circumstances. They are inspiring to me because they could relate to what I was going through and try to understand. I have had some professors that have ignored what was happening in my life, and it put a lot of stress on me. Life happens no matter what is going on and all of my professors understood that and helped me achieve my goals. Both of my professors showed me that they gospel is a major part of their lives and that is very inspiring. Thank you for being such great examples to me this spring semester. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012


My Grandma Farr is amazing. She has accomplished so much is so little time. She is always giving her time and money to causes greater than herself. One of my most favorite stories about her shows these attributes. When she was younger, newly married, with her first couple of kids, she was still thinking of others. There was a young boy in the ward that was preparing for a mission and is family could not afford it. My grandparents were not in a situation where they had a lot of extra money because my uncle had serious hard conditions. My grandma decided the way she could help is by giving their family something. She went over to their house and gave the father of the missionary her wedding ring to sell. She said she could do without it. The father of the missionary called my grandpa and told him and he said that it was her ring and she could do what she wanted, but that he would purchase it back. My grandma is amazing, and she is always putting other people before herself. 


I am a bit late with this one, but over Memorial day I wanted to show my appreciation for all of the men and women who give so much for me to have my freedom. They are fighting for my freedom that I am able to appreciate every day. When I graduated from highschool I had two friends that joined the marines and I was really nervous for them. They are really strong boys and they were willing to accept a challenge. They have both worked really hard and I keep them in my prayers. The soldier’s family also has to give up a lot. I have done many different things for war veterans, but I never feel like I will ever be able to repay them. They are giving everybody else their loved one so that we can feel the safety and security we take for granted. I am forever in debt to these people. A soldier blog

Reader Input

When I first started this blog I had a pretty lengthy list of people I wanted to talk about. I thought it would be nice to hear from my blog readers because I bet you are dying to tell me about While I am people that are inspiring to you. So while I am writing about all of the inspirational people in my life, I want everybody to talk about inspirational people in their life. I will post what other people say, because I think it will add to the blog. There are so many people in this world that help us and make us who we are. It is really nice when we get to appreciate what they do for us in a nice simple way that they might not know about. It’s always nice to remember where we come from and to appreciate all of our many blessings.  

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


A person that I really admire is my neighbor Tiffany. This last week was her birthday and I wanted to write down how much I appreciate her. She has been a second mom to be my entire life. She has always been a big support in my life. She has been with me for every birthday, recital, swim meet, and many more.  She is on my list of inspirational people in my life. She is inspiring because she is a convert to the church and one of the strongest people in the church that I know. She is really good at making everybody feel special. She is always giving words of comfort to people that normally get ignored. She is really involved with the community and involved in her two little boys lives. She is always volunteering for their classrooms and finding ways to make their teachers lives easier. Tiffany is an amazing individual and I love her! Thanks Tiff and Happy Birthday!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


There have been many times when I have been told about inspirational people that I am related to. A lot of these people are people I haven’t met. My great grandpa is one of them. Archibald Bennett. He did a lot in his lifetime, and he is blessing millions and millions of people now. He started the genealogy department for the Church and for BYU. He made it so that finding out about our ancestors is cool! Because of him, more and more people are being found. They are getting baptized and given the opportunity to be a part of the church. When I do baptisms in the temple, I am helping other people obtain the blessings of the church and I can only think my great-grandpa is a big contributor. He lived a righteous life which made it so that he could receive ideas from the lord to bring more people into the church. My great-grandpa is an inspirational man.
Archibald F. Bennett