Sunday, June 3, 2012


My Grandma Farr is amazing. She has accomplished so much is so little time. She is always giving her time and money to causes greater than herself. One of my most favorite stories about her shows these attributes. When she was younger, newly married, with her first couple of kids, she was still thinking of others. There was a young boy in the ward that was preparing for a mission and is family could not afford it. My grandparents were not in a situation where they had a lot of extra money because my uncle had serious hard conditions. My grandma decided the way she could help is by giving their family something. She went over to their house and gave the father of the missionary her wedding ring to sell. She said she could do without it. The father of the missionary called my grandpa and told him and he said that it was her ring and she could do what she wanted, but that he would purchase it back. My grandma is amazing, and she is always putting other people before herself. 

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